Ikonen Zeichen Bewunderung | Icons Signs Admiration

Ein Seminar vor Bildern am dafür geeigneten Ort | A seminar in front of pictures at an appropriate place

Frieder Nake

Winter 19/20, Universität & HfK, Bremen

Tuesday 14-18, Kunsthalle Bremen in varying rooms. We always first meet in the lobby.

Beginn am Dienstag, 22. Oktober, 14:15 Uhr in der Kunsthalle Bremen
ModuleTopics in Digital Media | Spezielle Gebiete der Digitalen Medien
Alle Interessierten, insbesondere M.A. & M.Sc. Digitale Medien, gern Bachelor, andere Studien | Everyone interested, particularly M.A. & M.Sc. in Digital Media, also B.A. or B.Sc.

On Credit Points
Perhaps you know that, to get credit points from me, requires that you always actively participate. Why?
Well, to study means to try hard, to make an effort, to strive for good performance, to require more than usually of yourself. Unfortunately, to study in this country has become to mean, collecting points. Plus somehow finding good marks with as little friction as possible. I deplore this state of affairs, and I do not want to give in to it. Therefore my formula of "active participation". The stress is on "active".
But I also always give you a bit more concretely what may, in the particular case, be meant by it. It never is an oral or written exam. To a greater or lesser degree, it is always an activity throughout the term. This time, I ask you to do the following:

  1. Prepare something for one of our meetings. Don't be afraid – you are not asked to prepare an entire meeting. Just part of it. Concretely: You prepare for our discussion of one of the exhibits. Get well informed, and present that at one of the meetings. – More precisely, try this. I will pick one image and its artist. This image will become our starting theme for the week that follows. You get informed about it, in whichever way, with whatever intentions, all your choice. At the meeting, you initiate our considerations by giving a short oral presentation (without slides). You say something about the artist, his or her fame, particularities, the position in art history. You talk about aspects of the work, perhaps like a classic study of an image. It would be nice if you presented in writing a bit of factual history, of the importance of the work and its artist. – We will go to varying places when we do this. It will be your spoken word that counts, no projection. Keep this in mind, and afterwards send me an email message containig a short text as a pdf file.
  2. After the end of the seminar, you are supposed to write an essay about the topic: "How my original conception of (digital) media has been influenced by the exhibition ICONS at Bremen's Kunsthalle".