Semiotics & Media

– a concentrated seminar –

Frieder Nake

Winter 2020/21, University of Bremen

29 Oct 20, 14-16 | 12 Nov 20, 14-16 | 26 Nov, 14-16 | 25 & 26 Feb 21, 10-17, in MZH 1110 – but really, corona is the reason: online only

A bit unusual format: Three preparatory meetings and two days of presentations
ECTS4 or 6
Module"Topics in Digital Media" or "Media Informatics"
Students of Digital Media, M.A. & M.Sc., others welcome

Conditions for Credit Points
You are supposed to actively take part in all our meetings. This is – and has always been – my general condition for credit. But in its generality, it does not help you much and, therefore, there are also more specific conditions.
Your concrete contribution (the result of your work) will consist of two parts: (1) an oral presentation, in class, of the paper you selected from our list; (2) a written essay about this paper.
We will organize the selection of papers at the second and third of our meetings. The list of papers themselves, from which you should choose one, will be made available here on this website before the second meeting. Oral presentations should be 30 minutes plus 15 minutes for discussion. Formal conditions for the essay are:

  • "Topics in Digital Media", 4 CP: 8-10 pp., focus "communication"
  • "Topics in Digital Media", 6 CP: 12-15 pp., focus "communication"
  • "Media Informatics", 4 CP: 8-10 pp., focus "computability"
  • "Media Informatics", 6 CP: 12-15 pp., focus "computability"

In class, we will discuss the two different foci for the different modules.
The learning effect from doing this work is supposed to be: improving your skills in reading a scientific publication to such a degree of detail that you can present the main idea and argumentation of the publication to an audience, and spark a discussion with the audience; further, to write an essay about the specific topic of your chosen paper culminating in your conclusions from the study, the presentation, and discussion.