Semiotics & Media

– a reading seminar –

Frieder Nake

Winter 2020/21, University of Bremen

29 Oct 20, 14-16 | 12 Nov 20, 14-16 | 25 & 26 Feb 21, 9-17, MZH 1450 (tentative)

Two preparatory meetings and two days of presentations

The founder of modern semiotics, Charles Sanders Peirce, wrote: "All my notions are too narrow. Instead of 'signs', ought I not to say medium?" He saw a terminological identity between the two terms. Occasionally, our times are called an "epoch of media", if not sweepingly, "media society". The medium is always an in-between: something between two others, establishing a link between the two: a "relation". The sign, on the other hand, is introduced by Peirce as a relation! As a specific relation of three relata, or components, or dimensions. How are media and signs different, how are they the same? We must, studying Digital Media, as we are, develop an understanding of those two fundamental concepts. – In this seminar, we will study a selection of papers on semiotics, another selection on media, and, thirdly, papers connecting the fields of study. We will have two meetings to introduce the topic and to organize students' work. Towards the end of the term, there will two days for presentations, depending on the number of active participants. This format should make it easier to organize activities in such a way that the seminar can be carried out in any case, independent of the Corona development. (This is a preliminary announcement.)