Neural Networks & all that. The new Artificial Intelligence

A challenge

Frieder Nake

Summer 2019, Hochschule für Künste Bremen

Mondays 10 – 14, HfK 4.15.070

Starts 15 April 2019
ModuleTopcis in Digital Media
for Master Digital Media (M.A., M.Sc.), others welcome

You may gain credit points (6 of them) for always actively taking part in our efforts. Specifically, I ask you to accompany the course by a trace you create and that you lead up to some work of your choice. More concretely,

• you should keep a book of your studies during the entire length of the course,
• and you should create a work of your choice.

Week by week you write into your study book your observations, your thoughts, your questions, discoveries, reading achievements, critique, whatever comes to your mind and is, in your opinion, worth to be kept. And you lead your thoughts up to a work that you create in the end. It is supposed to express something you take from what we did during the course. It may take the form of an image, a musical composition, a short video, an essay, an installation of some kind, a collage, a dramatic text, a sculpture, a website, a proposal for research, ... No limitations are given to the form of that work. The only condition relates to your topic: it should be related to what we did during the term.

I hope we can have an extra closing meeting (whose date we still have to set) where you will present your works and we will discuss it. Once this is done, we all drink a glass of water or champagne.