Graduate Seminar: Media. Art. Interaction.

For thesis students who I advise: Bachelor & Master

Frieder Nake

Winter 18/19, University of Bremen, University of the Arts Bremen

Tuesday from 14 to 16, MZH 1260

We start 23 October, 2018 – Please, tell me, at which meeting you want to present your work.

The »Graduate Seminar« is an informal regular meeting. I invite all those students whose theses I supervise. This may be for a Master or Bachelor degree, in Computing Science or Digital Media. Other fields as well, say Integrated Design or Art.
We exchange ideas about everything we are interested in. Primarily, that's your thesis work. An opportunity to meet others in similar situations. We deal with formal matters and procedures. About general aspects of computing, media, information technology, art. About the university and politics, cultures, religions, exhibitions, and movies. I hope the meetings are open, serious, and joyful.
Nobody is obliged to join. You are just welcome. The seminar is mainly a chance, not a duty. What we do, depends on us. Each meeting should concentrate on one of your theses: your topic, aim, problems, experiences. You present, we discuss.
We meet every second week during times of classes. The alternating week is reserved for individual advice. Other times may also be a good choice for this.