Algorithmic Thinking in Art, Design, Science

Frieder Nake

Summer 18, University of Bremen

Tuesday 8:00 to 12, MZH 5210

Starts 10 April 2018
ModuleM-MI (Topics in Media Informatics)
M.A., M.Sc. Digital Media, Informatik | Interested students from other programs welcome, including undergraduates

You may gain 6 credit points from this seminar. The official module is "media informatics". You can collect those credit points by doing a project. The project will consist of these steps and parts:

  • Within a framing question, you propose your particular term project.
  • I comment on your proposal; you (perhaps) revise it, and we agree on the proposal.
  • You develop a piece of software that you bring up to the point of running smoothly.
  • You write an essay about your project.

Once, we have settled into the seminar, you will get a document with details of this project.