Vortrag an der Bauhaus Universität

28 Nov 18

Frieder Nake lectures at Bauhaus Universität in Weimar on 28 November, 2018, at 19 o'clock
Location: van de Velde Werkstatt, Raum 116, Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 7.

His topic is

"Computer Art Appears in Times of Great Unrest"

This title alludes to the »long decade of the 1960s« (from 1958 till 1972) when the young generations in post war Western Europe as well as many other places world-wide stood up against the generations of WWII who were – as the USA in Vietnam – engaged in yet another war. The decade is interpreted as »the most creative decade of the 20th century« by the curators of the exhibition »Flashes of the Future. Die Kunst der 68er oder Die Macht der Ohnmächtigen« (Forum Ludwig, Aachen, 20 April to 19 August, 2018). Society and the arts changed dramatically, and with a great impact until today.